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Wedding Bells Ringing? Here’s How to Choose a Wedding Veil!

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Do you hear the wedding bells ringing? Your grand wedding must be around the corner, and you have finalized and booked the venue, food, and the décor. Plus, you have your heart set on your wedding dress too. malibu wedding venue Now, all you need to pick out is your wedding veil. 

In most cases, the wedding veils and the dress are chosen together under the guidance of a bridal stylist. However, if you have selected your wedding dress and are yet to choose a veil, this post can help you pick out the right fit. Read on!

How To Pick the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress?

The wedding veil needs to be chosen in accordance with your wedding dress. In some cases, the designer offers the wedding dress and the veil as a set. However, if you pick out your own wedding veil, consider taking guidance from an expert bridal stylist. 

You can also look at the section below to help you choose the right veil for your wedding dress.

Veil For a Heavily Embellished Gown

For a heavily beaded or embellished gown, you can pick from two styles of veils. 

  • You can either go for a classic, raw edge cathedral veil ornamented with Swarovski crystals. If your heart is set on the dress, you will love walking down the aisle with your dress twinkling and looking absolutely stunning. 
  • If you opt for a minimal look, you can choose a matching beadwork veil with an edge. 

Veil For a Simple Yet Stunning Dress

A simple dress can be clubbed with an extravagant veil. You can amp up the drama by having an angel-cut veil trimmed in horsehair, satin, or organza. 

With this kind of veil, you can frame your face beautifully. As the veil cascades down, you would see a spiral of fabrics on edge for a dramatic look.

Veil For a Statement Back

A sheer illusion lace back dress would have stolen your heart. However, you may be confused about choosing the right veil for it. You surely cannot let the veil entirely cover your back. Hence, you can choose to create a custom-cut cathedral without ornamenting it. 

Veils in Trend

For you to pick a veil, it is crucial to glance through the trends. The following are the top three trends for a wedding veil. 

  • Tender Tiers: The satin-edged, tiered veil creates a dainty look appealing to the dress.
  • Classic Mantilla: A mantilla veil can add a striking contrast to your wedding dress. 
  • All-Over Sequins: A sequined blusher veil is ideal for a bride looking to dress in all sparkles.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Veil

While purchasing your wedding veil, you need to consider a few pointers to aid you during the purchase. The three primary things to remember when choosing a wedding veil are listed down. 

  1. Budget

Depending on the detailing and the piece of fabric, the prices of veils can differ. Hence, it is ideal for keeping a budget and sticking to the designs suggested by a bridal stylist. 

  1. Consider Your Hairstyle

The hairstyle and veil should go hand in hand. Both of them should complement each other. Therefore, you need to plan your hairstyle according to your veil to compromise neither of them. 

  1. Try Till You Find It

The best way to pick a wedding veil is to try on multiple veils suggested by your bridal stylist. Go on trying each of them till you land on one that fits with your dress naturally. The next step is to choose your hairstyle and accessories. 

Summing Up

As the wedding approaches, you may be excited to finalize the look and book the arrangements. The primary element you should pay more attention to is your wedding veil. It shapes your face and elevates your dress. Additionally, you can accessorize your veil too. 

Are you looking for a wedding veil to match your wedding dress? Surf through the web for wedding veils and try on each till you find the right fit! 


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