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What Parts Make Up A Powerball?

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A Powerball is made up of the following parts: the rotor, which is a part that rotates around its own axis, the casing, which acts as the casing for the rotor and is made up of two halves joined by fittings or screws, and the ring of restraint that holds the rotor shaft in the correct position.

Purchase criteria: Find the best Powerball on the market

Anyone who wants to prevent injuries to muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments caused by repetitive motion while performing everyday tasks should invest in a 파워볼 사이트. To find the best device, evaluate the following features:

  • Operating mode
  • Material and weight
  • Digital screen
  • LED

Throughout this section we will detail each of the elements. Share your experience with the Powerball through the comments.

Operating mode

The Powerball can be operated manually -you just have to rotate the inner ball with your fingers without using too much force- by means of a cord or by means of a button -you just have to align the gyroscope on the base, press the propeller button for about 10 seconds and enjoy the movement of the rotor.

Regardless of the actuation style, we recommend that you put the safety strap that comes with the product on your wrist so that the Powerball cannot slip from your hands, fall to the ground and break.

Material and weight

When buying, keep in mind the material and weight of the Powerball. You will find polycarbonate models with an ABS rotor weighing between 250 and 350g and stainless steel models with a solid zinc rotor weighing between 350 and 500g.

The larger and heavier models have a wider rotor that generates more force during exercises and are recommended for athletes who require high-performance training.

Digital screen

Some Powerball models have an LCD digital display with a multifunction counter that collects and stores the following information:

  • The first mode records the number of rotor rotations from start to stop.
  • The second mode records the number of revolutions per minute in real time.
  • In the third mode, the total revolutions per minute during the series are displayed.

In the fourth mode, the highest speed reached is displayed. If the speed reached at that moment is higher than the previously recorded speed, the counter saves the new score. If it is lower, it keeps the previous score.

The fifth and final mode displays the force exerted to perform that exercise.

With this feature, you can set a training schedule, get progress measured, perform endurance and speed tests at set intervals, and even compete with your friends to see who can perform the best with the Powerball.


Although it is only a decorative detail, you can find Powerball models with small internal LED lamps that light up and change color depending on the speed of rotation, providing an amazing light effect.

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