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Why a jewellery business must have return and refund policy

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The level of awareness among customers regarding their rights is growing day by day and this has also affected their purchasing decisions. A business with a good return as well as refund policy tends to attract more customers than a business which lacks such features. A concise and clear return and refund policy ensures trust among customers. It gives consumers a feeling of security that the product they are buying is guaranteed to be of good quality and is exactly what it was represented to be. This happens more so in a jewellery business since customers tend to spend a good amount of money here. Therefore, having a well-drafted and precise return as well as return policy attracts customers to the store. Hatton garden jewellers London ensure that all stores have proper return and refund policy.

It also helps in tracking the return habits of customers and saves a store from having to make refunds without any fault of its own. Customers place reliance on the products if they find the store trustworthy and this helps in keeping dedicated to the company for a long period of time. A fair return and refund policy is all the more essential for businesses offering online services since customers are not able to see or hold the product physically before they buy it.

Jewellery businesses having return and refund policies tend to have conditional agreements with respect to time limits and wear and tear due to external reasons. This helps the consumer to know that they have a particular number of days to decide whether the product meets their requirements and expectations or not or what is the amount that will be refunded in case the product is returned.

Consumers, especially those residing in UK, have certain statutory rights with respect to return of products under Consumer Protection and businesses cannot in any way take that right away from them. However, such rights exist only if the wear and tear in the product was not caused due to the customer’s own fault such as due to misuse, accident or because they did not follow the care instructions properly. Lab grown diamonds UK are also covered by those policies.

Even though it is not necessary to display or state such information openly, it is advisable that jewellery stores must publish such important information either on their official website or brick and mortar stores can simply add a pamphlet along with the product so that the customer is aware of the conditions as decided in their return and refund policy. This will mitigate any source of dispute among the consumer and the business in future.  So, customers can buy Engagement ring London without any trouble or uncertainty. Jewellery businesses are also free to add certain fair conditions such as the need to produce the original receipt of the product while returning or the need to return the product in the original packaging without being used by the customer, etc.  Such reasonable and proper clauses in the agreement simply avoid misleading of the customer at all costs and also save the business from unnecessary litigation.

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