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4 Reasons Why Pre-Booking Airport Transfers Makes Travelling Convenient

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When you have a flight to catch, you aren’t really thinking much other than about the flight and how to prepare best for it. There are so many things to do and so much to prepare. Flying is already a hassle, and it is up to you to prepare as best as you can to minimise said hassle. People prepare just about everything perfectly, but oftentimes they forget one important thing: An airport transfer service.

Booking an airport transfer in advance has too many benefits for you to ignore it so readily. That is why we have written his blog. In this, we will be talking about 4 reasons why pre-booking an airport transfer could be the best decision you make when preparing to travel. 

Wilkinson Taxis is a taxi and airport transfer service that offers cheap taxis in Canterbury and other nearby areas for all your travelling needs. 

Let’s take a look.

  1. Relax & Chill

If you are coming in, you will surely be tired from the flight. And if you are flying out, then you will be tired from all the prep and the process of trekking through the airport. Either way, you will want to relax and not take on further stress. 

If you book an airport transfer, all you will need to do is get into the cab with your luggage and just go. There is not much to it. And that simplicity is what makes a pre-booked airport transfer so brilliant. You won’t have to run around the airport finding a taxi for transfer. 

  1. No Need to Wait

The biggest advantage of pre-bookings is the wait time in the sense that there is none. Your driver will be waiting with your cab at your doorstep or at the airport, depending on whether you are departing or arriving. You will come out, and you will see a Wilkinson Taxis waiting for you that you can just get in and continue your journey. 

This is especially handy when you are at a place where there are too many people because these places usually have higher fares for taxis that are already on the spot. So, you can save yourself some good money too by pre-booking. 

  1. Local Assistance

Wilkinson Taxis has been operating in Canterbury and nearby areas for over 25 years. There is no service out there that knows the area better than us. And that reflects in our drivers, as they are more than aware of all Canterbury and nearby areas. So, if you are just coming into the area and don’t know too much about it, our drivers will be more than happy to assist you with the local spots.

  1. Reliable Taxis

You can spot a Wilkinson Taxis from a mile away. Our cabs have a signature livery on them. And when you see that livery, you will recognise the standard of service that you are about to get. And once you experience our services, you will know that our standard of service is very high. Our taxis are not only the most spacious and comfortable, but our drivers are well-trained and highly aware of everything. 


Everybody knows how tiring and stressful an airport transfer can be. You don’t have to go through all that hassle by preparing for your flight well and making sure that you have pre-booked a Wilkinson Taxis. We also offer online booking for taxis in Canterbury and nearby areas for your convenience. So, all you need to do is input your travel information and such into our online form and confirm your booking. 

So, pre-book your airport transfer with us today and ride worry-free.

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