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‘indícame el camino a la tienda de alimentos más cercana’ indicate the nearest grocery store

indícame el camino a la tienda de alimentos más cercana
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The Spanish word ” indicame el camino a latienda de alimentos mas cercana” means show me the nearest grocery store according to your location. 

 THIS  can wordly can explain like this 

indícame –    “show me”

el camino –  “the way”

a –  “to”

la tienda de alimentos”the grocery store”

más cercana –  “nearest”

You can  see the grocery store  at any place.

Open your device  which is connected to Google. 

Turn on your phone’s location.

Give Command to Google for grocery stores. 

 gogle gives all information about your nearest grocery store according to your   location 

Giving Google Maps authorization to retrieve your location:

On your mobile device, install Google Maps.

To focus the map at your present location, press the brújula symbol in the lower right section.

If Google Maps asks to access your location, grant them permission.

There is many websites or gogle play store can be provide many  apps for grocery 

Using grocery store apps may be a practical method to cut costs and save time while shopping for groceries. You may make shopping lists, purchase goods for pickup or delivery, peruse store fliers, and even get rewards with them. Some of the most well-liked grocery shop applications are listed below: 



Peapod by Stop & Shop:

Walmart Grocery:

The stores you shop at:

Delivery fees:


Minimum order requirements:

Target Cartwheel: 

there is those apps  you can grocery in any time there is know problem


 there is many benefits of grocery apps

it is  the easy way of grocry

its can useable in every time

when you have no time then you can easily grocery  to save time

tey can offer varitey of grocery

they can also diliver at your home place

there is more than enough benifits to sve over time many womans are have extra work load thery is no go on market for grocery  then this app is very help full for those woman


Some supermarket stores are unable to carry a wide variety.

There is no variety in groceries, and occasionally the quality isn’t fresh.

Sometimes there will be spoilage, mislabeled products, or produce that isn’t as fresh as you would want.

Certain apps cannot determine the precise location

In nut shell

Food stores provide a dualistic aspect.  With a large range of food and home goods under one roof, they provide unquestionable convenience, but they may also result in impulsive purchases, a narrow selection, and time commitment.

The final decision you reach is determined by your priorities.  A grocery shop is a lifeline for individuals who are busy and appreciate convenience.  Look at alternatives like farmers markets, specialist stores, or online grocery delivery if you’re looking for something more specialized, specialized products, or flawless quality control.

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