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7 Top Hacks for Post Hair Transplant Care

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Hair restoration through hair transplant is undoubtedly an excellent process. With the very thought of having a fuller fuzzy head, you feel like jumping on your feet. You might already be making plans to celebrate your head full of hair. Funnily, in the surge of excitement, you might overlook some post-transplant care. If you are already back from the hair transplant sessions and waiting just to feel the hair restoration, then here is an excellent read for you. Alternatively, if you are awaiting a hair transplant, why not take a glance through interesting post-care hacks that you can use as soon as you are back.

You will undoubtedly want a full-proof result after hair restoration surgery. Here are some tips for post-hair transplant tips for you.

1. Sleep right

You might miss out on a good amount of sleep, but it’s essential to sleep right. It’s always advisable to avoid touching the operated areas, especially in the first week of treatment. Instead, try lying down on your back to maintain an elevation for your head over a few pillows. This reduces the chance of any swelling that can appear. When you go for a hair transplant, you can also ask for some special pillows at the clinic, which you can use for the first ten days.

2. Keep scalp dry

Hold on from making your scalp wet during the healing time. Stand back from the jacuzzi or showers. Also, do not swim for a few days. After the treatment gets over, you need to visit your hair transplant therapist for the first follow-up, where your hair and scalp will be cleaned with shampoo and blow-dried before the examination. After this visit, you can start shampooing your hair.

3. Get someone to drop you

The hair transplant expert gives you sedatives for the surgery during hair restoration therapy. Sedatives will help you relax, but it will take quite some time to wear off. It’s always safe to ask someone to drop you home right after the surgery.

4. Do not expose to sunlight

After the hair transplant procedure, avoid your scalp’s exposure to sunlight, especially for the initial few days. Sunrays are likely to irritate since the scalp stays tender during this time. Either take an umbrella or wear a cap if you need to go out. You may also seek advice from your doctor to know if you can use a soft scarf to cover your scalp.

5. No drinking, no smoking

Both smoking and drinking will disrupt the blood supply to the scalp. It is likely to reduce the effectiveness of hair regrowth procedures. For at least a month, avoid smoking. Also, stay away from drinking for a minimum of a week post-surgery.

6. No exercise

After the surgery, avoid sweating out through any such physical activity. Avoid any sports, gym, muscle building, weight lifting, or strenuous exercise, leading to excessive perspiration. Sweat can heighten the risk of scalp infection.

7. No panic if hair falls

It’s pretty natural to spot hair fall after 2-3 weeks of hair transplant surgery. The transplanted hair will fall out. So don’t panic thinking that the therapy has failed and that you might lose hair again. Hair fall post-surgery is natural and not a reason to be concerned about. In fact, within a few months, you can see new hair sprouting.

Apart from the above tips, the therapist will suggest a few other after-surgery care. First, your doctor will recommend some ointment or antibiotics if needed. Make sure to follow every bit of advice our hair transplant experts at Aesthetica360 suggest. Finally, we have some of the best hair transplant surgeon in Noida working with us to ensure that you go home with guaranteed and successful results after a hair transplant.

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