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Desert Safari Dubai Visit with Ridge Buggy, Hummer Safari, Mercedes Benz Safari


Desert safari Dubai offers Buggy Self Drive Desert in Dubai Recruit Quad Bicycle Self-drive bundles to encounter an intriguing rise drive in the enchanted view of the desert. Desert marshals who are prepared and experienced will lead the gathering, and every one of our vehicles are completely prepared and protected. We have various bundles for 4×4 undertakings, so go ahead and reach out in the event that you want assistance.

Visit Website: https://www.dubaidesertsafarigroup.com/

Our four-seater rough terrain hill carts can be driven across the sand ridges. Partake in certain rewards in the space of the takeoff camp. Specialists offer guidance on wellbeing and how to drive.


This four-hour visit begins with a major white Hummer getting you from your lodging and taking you out to the desert. Every Hummer can fit up to five individuals, so ensure you book ahead. Drivers are intriguing, fun, and straightforward. They will discuss the UAE’s set of experiences and culture as they cruise all over, and they will break into tune when their main tune comes on the radio. They are quite coordinated and stop for a minute to expect (exciting hill drive, photographs at dusk, a grill supper, hip twirling, a bewilderingly decent spinning dervish, shisha, and Arabic espresso so solid your spoon stands upstanding in it).

Ace the desert safari in the UAE On this private 6-hour trip from Dubai, you’ll ride in an extravagance Hummer H2 for Dubai bargains. Get a remove from hill slamming in a Hummer H2 only for your gathering. Hummer H2 is a brand of military-grade trucks. We have reasonable hummer desert safari visit bundles in Dubai that incorporate all the extravagance conveniences. From the highest point of a sand ridge, you can ride a thrill ride, go hill slamming, and see a wonderful nightfall. Then, at that point, have an expert snap your photo at dusk on the sand ridges, attempt sand boarding, and have a good time at a desert camp with a camel ride, henna tattoo, hawk show, from there, the sky is the limit. Wrap up with a grill smorgasbord and shows of turning “Tanura” and hip twirling. At the point when you move to the highest point of this ridge, you’ll see a mystical dusk on your Hummer Desert Safari. You can take a load off while observing live amusement and melodic shows. Toward the finish of this visit, you can eat, and we’ll drive you back home in a hummer.


Book a Confidential Visit with At least 4 Individuals the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is an undeniably popular and extravagant auto. Celebrity Sitting Region extravagance desert fun on the 6-hour desert experience from Dubai. Complete the night devouring a twilight Arabic bar-b-que supper at a confidential table while watching sequined belling moving and a mesmerizing Tanura artist turning so as to customary Inlet music. As the sun sets, unwind with a shisha and customary Bay music while looking up into the night sky.

•           Customary Arabic bar-b-que served at a celebrity table in the desert camp, complete with full help.

•           Celebrity Tables will be offered shisha.

•           Limitless virus water, tea, espresso, and sodas are accessible at the celebrity Table for your benefit.

•           Tanura and hip twirling at the desert camp

•           Latrine offices for people independently

•           Drop back to your inn or home.


•           Least 4 packs for grown-up + Camel ride + Soda pops

•           Transportation to and from your inn or spot of home in Dubai

•           A Go Through the Sand Hills

•           Camel Riding

•           Boarding on sand hills

•           Arabic espresso or tea presented with dates as a greeting

•           Conventional Arabic Attire for Photos and Dusk Visual Meetings

•           Henna Painting

•           The expression “Hubbly Effervescent”

•           Tanura Dance, as well as Hip twirl

•           A barbecued feast cooked over an open fire at the campground

•           Mainland Smorgasbord

Extra Data

•           At the point when you make an internet-based booking for a visit journey utilizing our site, it demonstrates that you have perused and consented to the entirety of the agreements that are nitty gritty underneath. Before you reserve your spot for the outing bundle, we unequivocally propose that you go through our agreements first. This will assist you with forestalling any superfluous difficulties.

•           The strategy in regards to seating specifies that seats will be relegated in view of accessibility.

•           Youngsters under three years old Ladies who are pregnant, as well as any individual who experience the ill effects of back inconvenience or cardiovascular circumstances, are not allowed to go on Desert Safaris. For More Click Here

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