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From To-Do List To Final Settlement –Complete Legal Guide To Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims
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Personal injury claims can be challenging, even after appearing like a simple process. After getting into a personal injury accident, understanding what to do, how to proceed, and things to know when settling your claim are difficult to manage by the victim alone. This is where a rockford personal injury lawyer can come to your rescue. They can guide you from the initial process and be there until your claim is settled. 

Quick checklist after a personal injury case

  • Call 911 right away if there are severe injuries. 
  • In case of a vehicle collision, make sure to file a police report and keep a copy with you. 
  • Write down everything you remember from the accident. 
  • Take as many pictures and videos of the accident scene as evidence. 
  • If there were people around, take their contact information and details, as they can be credible witnesses to support your claim. 
  • Get medical assistance right after the accident. It is recommended to visit your doctor on the same day as it will help in proving that your injuries resulted from the accident. 
  • Preserve evidence no matter how small they are. 
  • Speak to a lawyer. 

Tips to remember when filing for a personal injury claim. 

Once you speak to the insurance company and inform them about the accident, you can proceed with filing for a claim. You get 2 years from the date of your accident to seek compensation. During this time frame, you need to gather all the crucial evidence. 

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when filing a claim with the insurance company. 

  • Refuse recorded statements to the insurance company. Instead, speak to your lawyer and go ahead with a written statement. This reduces the chances of errors and saying anything that will harm your claim. 
  • Stay away from social media. 
  • Do not speak with the insurance company without consultation with your lawyer. 
  • Avoid talking about your claim to anyone unless it is settled. 
  • Do not talk to the at-fault party privately. Anything you say to them can be used against you. 

Settlement process: what should remember

When you are settling your claim, it is important to have a lawyer by your side. The insurance company might not grant you the deserving compensation during the first settlement offer. 

Accepting or rejecting the same should not happen in a day or two. Analyze the offer properly with the help of your lawyer to know if the settlement offer is covering up for all your injuries and damages from the accident.

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