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How Retailers Are Selling Through Live Streaming in India

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Pandemic has helped the E-commerce sector immensely as more and more people started shopping from the comfort of their homes. Not only did the existing e-commerce websites profit from the increase in demand, but there was also a massive increase in the formation of new e-commerce websites. As the pandemic persists, a new trend of Live Stream selling or Live Video commerce is gaining traction. Our Indian retailers are also not far behind in adopting this hottest trend. The Indian Live Shopping scene is relatively new, but as people become aware, customers find this new way of shopping more exciting.

Let us first understand what Live Stream selling is all about

Live Stream selling, Live video commerce, Live stream shopping, live shopping, or live commerce are many names that mean the same. In Live stream selling, the seller tries to sell their products and services in real-time by going live on the social media platforms. During these live sessions, the seller at the live streaming in India has the opportunity to interact with the buyers directly through chats, and buyers can buy the products and services immediately by the click of a button. This form of selling enables the seller to display their products to the customers and demonstrate how the products work, as if in a physical store. Live stream selling reduces the barriers to purchase that the e-commerce sector is unable to do.

How Do Retailers Selling through live-streaming in India?

The Indian Live Shopping experience is nascent, but there is a massive potential that this segment will be a big thing. According to the management consulting firm Redseer, the live shopping market in India is expected to be a $4-5 billion business by 2025. So how can the retailers take the necessary measures to sell their offering in the Indian Live Shop to their customers.

Selecting the Right Platform

The first and foremost thing the seller needs to do while live-streaming in India is select the right platform. Many platforms provide these video shopping services to the sellers. Hence, as sellers, they have to identify their target audience and then choose that platform where they know their potential customers engage the most.

Plan an Effective Indian Live Shopping Event

The next step towards selling the products through live-streaming is planning and launching the streaming event to ensure maximum engagement and sales. To do that, the sellers should plan ahead of the actual event and start promoting their Indian Live Shop event a few days in advance through emails, social media posts, and existing customers; this is an excellent way to promote the event. Sellers should maintain consistency in their communication with their audiences until the day of the event, which will help build momentum with them. Even after the event, keep the audiences informed about the products that did not sell and the subsequent live-streaming. Having open communication helps in building trust with the audience.

Sell the Right Products through Indian Live Shopping

Select only those products of reasonable price or sell those that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Having the right kind of product to sell through the Indian Live shop will attract the customers’ attention. It also makes a big difference to sell the products that the retailer is passionate about. They will be excited about the product, which will help them engage efficiently with their audience more when talking about the product/s.

Prepare the Script well in advance.

While selling the products, the retailers need to create a script well in advance about what they will talk about during the live streaming in India. The first five minutes or so are crucial concerning the engagement with the audience. The script should be fun, humorous, and engaging; this will help capture the viewers’ attention and make them watch the entire event. In addition, retailers should ensure continuous interaction with the viewers through words and actions; answering their questions helps keep the interactions going.

Always do a Dry Run Before the Live-Streaming in India

Doing a dry run is a non-negotiable task for successful live-streaming products and services. By rehearsing, the retailer can rectify any technical difficulties they encounter. Once the retailer does a dry run, they can look through the recorded footage and improve the script and body language, if necessary. Doing so will ensure that the actual Indian live shopping event goes smoothly.

live-streaming is the best of both worlds, wherein you can see the products and how it works live and purchase them immediately from the comfort of your home. This form of shopping experience is here to stay as it creates better access for all.

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