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How to fix a DCL box by Emergency Electrician Dubai?

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During any renovation project, the choice of lighting allows you to create the style of your desires. However, since 2001, the connection of a fixed lighting point must be done with a DCL box. Emergency Electrician Dubai explains what a DCL box is for and how to fix it.

DCL box: what is it for?

A DCL for Luminaire Connection Device designates a recessed box for connecting a luminaire. This PVC box has a socket to fix a bulb and a terminal block as an integrated domino. Often, the box has a hook to support the suspension of the luminaire. The DCL can take a maximum load of 25 kg.

Concretely, the DCL makes it possible to simply install any type of luminaire on the ceiling or the walls. No need to review the often hazardous connections of old ceiling light installations. The luminaire or bulb can be replaced in no time. No more dilapidated installations with exposed wires and poorly fixed lighting. Install DCLs to gain aesthetics with luminaires without connection faults.

Like any intervention on electrical circuits, the installation of DCL boxes requires skills and compliance with standards. The expert electricians of the Emergency Electrician Dubai network remain at your disposal to support you during your electrical renovation projects.

DCL: a mandatory device

The NF C 15 – 100 standard details all the rules applicable to domestic electrical installations. Since 2001, it has imposed the installation of DCL boxes for all fixed lighting. Therefore, this obligation concerns new constructions but also electrical renovation projects.

However, in some special cases, you can do without DCL. For example, if you use luminaires that directly integrate a connection block. Or if the composition of the ceiling makes it impossible to install a box.

Thanks to a DCL box, handling, changing, or replacing your lights is done in complete safety. Take the opportunity to check the compliance of your electrical installation for effective protection daily.

Fixing a DCL: the necessary equipment

Fixing a box requires some technical knowledge and skills in electricity. Here is the material needed. You may also need a material finder to avoid any cables and pipes when drilling. Equip yourself with protective glasses and a stable stepladder for work at height without risk.

Reminder: a lighting circuit must be protected by a 16A circuit breaker on your electrical panel. No more than 8 bulbs are connected on the same circuit. Before any manipulation, remember to cut off the current from its circuit breaker.

Do you have all the necessary equipment? Then you checked that the circuit is indeed de-energized? You will be able to step by step to fix your DCL box.

Fix a DCL box

Start by taking the measurements to locate the exact location of your DCL. Check using the material detector if the area to be drilled does not meet a pipe in the false ceiling.

Emergency Electrician Dubai uses the hole saw to drill the ceiling to the correct diameter. Collect the cables present and pass them through the bottom of the DCL box. Fix the box using the threaded rod supplied with it. Then tighten everything to the ceiling with the key.

With the box in place, all you have to do is connect the wires after having stripped them sufficiently. The ground or green and yellow wire in the center of the terminal block. The neutral or blue wire on the N. The phase on the L. Emergency Electrician Dubai adjust the wires and clip the terminal block to the bottom of the box. The DCL is in place. You can then connect your new light fixture, attach the bulb and turn the power back on.

The installation of a DCL box can be done provided you have some Emergency Electrician Dubai knowledge and comply with safety standards. Call on the expert electricians of the Electrical Services in Dubai network for any work on your electrical installations.

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