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How to keep a car battery from dying in cold weather?

keep a car battery from dying in cold weather
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Generally speaking, car batteries are not cold-weather friendly. In cold weather, the battery gets weaker. Even when you have the best car battery for cold weather charged up to 100%, it will not provide sufficient energy if the temperature drops.

In some cases, the battery also gets freeze due to cold weather. Let’s talk about how we can keep car batteries from dying in cold weather.

5 Ways to keep a car battery from dying in cold weather

Frozen or dead batteries in cold weather countries are a very common phenomenon. But when you have no way but rely on your car battery, you need to find another way to keep your car battery safe. That is why you can follow certain methods to keep your battery safe and avoid these kinds of situations.

1.    Go through a battery checkup:

This method is pretty simple and easy. If you live in a cold-weather country, you may get a free battery checkup service there. If you feel like something is wrong with your car battery, you should not waste your time getting a full battery checkup.

Sometimes, regular battery checkups will help you to prevent the battery from frequent repair. So it is so important to go through a battery checkup once every month. It will not only help you from dying the car battery in cold weather. But also, prevent it from sudden battery malfunction.

2.    Drive your car every day:

Another effective method that you can follow is to drive your car every day. When you drive your car, the engine of your vehicle will warm up the car battery. This is how it will get heated. So, even in the cold weather, it will prevent it from freezing.

When you drive your car every day for at least 10 minutes or longer, the car engine, as well as the car battery, will be used. As long as you are using your car battery, it will stay strong and healthy. So, even if it is the holiday break, try to drive your car for at least 10 minutes every day.

3.    Always try to park your car in the garage:

This is a very useful and practical method. It is quite common in frigid weather that your car battery will get damaged or freeze. When you leave your car in a wild or open place, the ambient temperature will damage your car battery. That is why what you can do is, you can park your car in the garage.

But sometimes, you can’t park your car in the garage, especially when you are on a holiday trip or vacation. You have no other way but park in an open place that ultimately will kill your battery. So, try your best to park it in a comparatively less cold area, and if possible, try to park it in a garage.

4.    Use a thermal blanket for your battery:

The thermal blanket is also known as a thermal wrap, battery warmer, and many other names. But whatever it is, a thermal blanket is a very useful thing for your battery. When you wrap your battery with a thermal blanket, it will provide corrosion-resistant heat for your car battery.

Thus, it will keep the car battery from dying in frigid and cold weather. In some cases, it is also used as a safety blanket for the car battery. Nowadays, almost every battery retailer will give an extra layer of coating. But in any case, if your battery does not have any extra coating, you should get a thermal blanket for your battery.

5.    Charge up your battery regularly:

This is also a very important thing that all should remember. Always make sure that you are charging your car battery regularly. When the car battery remains discharged for many days, it loses its strength. So, no matter whether you are using it or not, you should always charge it up regularly.

But the cases become much more complicated when the weather is frigid. In cold or frigid weather, the battery is not as efficient as in normal weather. That is why charging up the battery in cold weather will save your battery from dying.

The bottom line:

In cold weather, it is quite normal to have a frozen battery. So, to avoid frozen batteries, you always should take care of your car battery on a regular basis. You can simply follow the method mentioned above to keep your battery safe from cold weather.

But in any case, if you have a frozen battery, then do not get worried. Try to go to a battery repair center as soon as you can. If you suspect that your battery is not okay, you should also talk to the professional. Hopefully, from this writing, you have learned how to keep the battery from dying in cold weather?

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