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How to Succeed With Squad Battles in Fortnite

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Fortnite in squad mode is one of the favored ways that players enjoy on mobile and every other player form. While playing solo can be fun, squad matches are where the game truly shines because it’s super collaborative and challenging.  However, it can be challenging to coordinate with your teammates and win the game. If you pick up cheap Fortnite accounts you can be ready to enter squad battles with all the best cosmetics.  Here are nine Fortnite tips for squad matches that can help you increase your chances of winning.

1. Pick up the Chug Splash: Although this item is not the best healing item in terms of health regeneration, it is still the best healing consumable for Fortnite team matches. The great thing about the Chug Splash is that you can toss it at your teammates to heal them as well as yourself. This is an ideal item to have handy when you can see that one of your teammates needs a health boost after a dogfight or revival.

2. Mark healing items for members of your team: When you have full health and shield, be prepared to send a mapping to your teammates for Medkits and potions you spot instead of picking them up. Doing so will give teammates who need healing and shields a chance to pick up the marked items to consistently stay at full health and prepare for an ambush.

3. Don’t forget to remove Reboot Cards from hostiles: When you’ve knocked down a hostile, remember to remove their Reboot Cards before blasting them away. Doing so will ensure their teammates have no chance of reviving them at Reboot Vans with their Reboot Cards.

4. Alert your teammates to hostile you spot: When you’ve spotted a hostile in the distance, alert your teammates. Come up with a strategy for spotting like calling direction points or pinging enemies on the map as you see them.

5. Build around knocked-down teammates: When a teammate gets knocked down during a shootout with other squads, try building some walls around them. With this newly built cover in place, you can take the time you need to revive them and regroup so that you can take the fight to any surrounding enemies.

6. Open flank fire on hostiles: When you see some of your teammates shooting at hostile, try to move to a slightly different position along the sides of the target from which you can open flank fire.

7. Avoid confrontations when you’re on your own: When all your teammates have been killed off, and you can’t revive them, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over for you. It’s going to be harder for you to win without support, but if you play defensively and hide, you might be able to have some more favorable matchups in the later game. Facing off against a full team is pretty much impossible but waiting for players to get eliminated and jumping into 1v2 situations or 1v1 can put the odds back in your favor.

8. Form up on bounty targets in your team: Fortnite now includes bounty contracts, which are similar to those in Call of Duty: Warzone. You or your teammates can become bounty targets. When a player on your team gets a bounty, the other team is likely going to come at them fast. Communicate with one another and when a teammate receives a bounty, make sure you are building and forming a perimeter around them so that you can spot incoming enemies and survive as a squad.

9. Try to land reasonably close to your teammates: Try to land reasonably close to at least some of your squad. You shouldn’t land in the same place, as flying together and landing together can be a risk for making you an easy target, but landing in the same map zone so you can group up is important.

Sticking to these Fortnite tips for squad matches will enhance your teams’ chances of survival. Remember, it’s all about playing as a team and coordinating effectively to win as a team. Buy now to have all the best cosmetics for your team. 

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