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HVAC Companies in Pakistan: What You Should Be Looking For?

HVAC Companies in Pakistan
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In summer, the HVAC Companies in Pakistan are different ways to turn the outdoors into a relaxing and refreshing vacation. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the interior. The home is the most neglected area of ​​the house and on a hot summer day. It often burns like hell. As a result, cooling the attic space becomes very difficult.

The scorching sunlight can cause attic temperatures to rise slightly in the summer. The HVAC Companies in Pakistan best way to maintain the perfect attic temperature is to install an air conditioner. Choosing the best conditioner for the attic can be difficult and requires a lot of research. One thing to consider when purchasing an air conditioner is choosing the right type. This guide covers everything.

Why would you need HVAC Companies in Pakistan?

The attic used to be seen as just a storage room. It was transformed into a valuable additional home space. Attic renovations start with a modern renovation project. But soon it became more and more necessary. Additional space can be used for home offices, studios, guest rooms, home libraries, etc. to suit your needs.

One of the main problems that can arise is cooling the attic. which is not easy. Therefore, HVAC Companies in Pakistan need to install air conditioners in the home.

Air conditioners help maintain a comfortable attic temperature

In some closed homes warm and humid air will accumulate and can increase humidity levels. This can promote fungal growth. The air conditioner removes water vapor from the air in the room to cool it. Which helps to control the humidity in the attic. The hot air under the roof transfers heat to a lower level. Especially if the attic is poorly ventilated and insulated. This affects the temperature of the entire home, stressing the HVAC system and increasing cooling costs.

HVAC Companies in Pakistan extend the life of the roof by removing excess heat and moisture that can damage the roof structure.

Considerations for Buying An Air Conditioner

The attic is the most exposed part of your home to temperature fluctuations. Plus, the odd shape of the sloping ceiling leaves little wall space. Therefore, not all air conditioners can be installed in this area.

Here is a list of factors to consider before getting an air conditioner:

1. Home Insulation

Before installing the air conditioner in the room. Make sure there are no uninsulated areas. If the attic is ventilated or uninsulated Adjusting the attic does not make sense. Because all the cold air is gone, HVAC Companies in Pakistan have to work harder than normal room air conditioners to cool. In such a case Lack of insulation will decrease the efficiency of the HVAC unit.

2. Comfortable heat pump all year round.

It’s here to help you if you’re looking for an HVAC Companies in Pakistan that can both cool and heat to keep you comfortable in each season. This eliminates the need to install two heating/cooling units in the attic.

3. Easy installation

It depends on your attic space. Choose an air conditioner that is easy to install and fits well. For example, it would be very difficult to install a window air conditioner in an attic with few skylights. In the same way, portable units occupy floor space and are not suitable for small attics. Second, if your budget is limited, consider choosing an eco-friendly air conditioner to save on installation costs.

4. Air conditioner size

It is important to buy an air conditioner of the right size. For normal indoor space, 20 BTU per square foot is sufficient. But the attic is different. These gaps trap heat from the house and take in sunlight from above. This is how they get too hot in the summer.

So for 400 square feet, the formula gives you 8000 BTU, but you should choose an air conditioner of at least 10,000 BTU in the attic. This overloads the air conditioner and does not maintain cooling efficiency.

5. Energy efficiency

HVAC companies in Lahore always check the EER level of your air conditioner when choosing an air conditioner under the roof. You need to look for an air conditioner with a rating of at least 9. However, air conditioners rated at 12+ EERs are really energy efficient.

6. Durability

HVAC Companies in Pakistan always keep the durability factor in mind when buying an air conditioner. For example, a good failure can last 15 to 20 years, but a portable air conditioner may be more convenient and cheaper. But it won’t last more than 7 to 10 years

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