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Local Manly DJ “Dr Dex.” to Represent Northern Beaches In DJ Competition

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Sydney’s vibrant music scene is buzzing with excitement as a young and talented DJ, David Justin Carlino, prepares to showcase his skills and represent the Northern Beaches area in an upcoming DJ competition. At just 23 years old, Carlino, or as his stage name “Dr. Dex.” has already established himself as a prolific music producer, DJ, and artist, captivating audiences with his dance and club music.

Born and raised in Manly, David Carlino found inspiration in the city’s club and dance scene from a young age. Growing up and working in bars and club security shifts, surrounded by pulsating beats and electrifying melodies, he developed a passion for creating music that unites groups of young partygoers.

With a tireless dedication to his craft, Carlino has spent countless hours honing his skills behind the vinyl turntables, experimenting with different sounds, and perfecting his unique style by adding drum machines and other new electronic extensions including AI technologies. His commitment and hard work have paid off, earning him a reputation as a rising star within the local DJ community. Now, armed with a deep understanding of the art of DJing and a treasure trove of original compositions, he is ready to take the next step in his musical journey.

Carlino stated, “I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to represent not just the Northern Beaches, but the youth in Sydney as a whole and showcase my passion for new-age Dance Vibes”. Carlino also gave a statement referring to the post-pandemic decline in nightlife, stating “Clubs honestly never recovered properly since COVID, i know this for a fact by doing bar shifts at multiple venues which years before had lines down the street, now it feels so quiet and it hurts me”.

With Carlino’s music and mixing of energetic beats, he aspires to ‘bring back the culture’ of young nightlife in Sydney and thus has entered the ‘YourShot’ Competition to raise awareness for his name and music input.

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Organization: Daily Telegraph
Contact Person: Daily Telegraph
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Country: Australia

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