Meet Hammacher Schlemmers The Imaginary Refund Policy

After all, it turns out that Hammacher Schlemmer Returns doesn’t desire its amusing merchandise any more than you do. The firm won’t even admit that they’ve received Tanya’s refund request for a product she believes did not live up to its promise, although she’s been trying for a month to get her money back. Update: Hammacher Schlemmer Returns has replied and offered a refund to the customer in question.

Hammacher Schlemmer Returns had a “headache alleviating wrap” that I decided to buy. In fact, when the item came, I noticed that the photo in the catalog had been taken backward and that the picture had thus obscured a huge, unpleasant plastic D-ring that was included in the clasp.

It Came With A Shipping Label To Be Used For Returns, Which Was Not Pre-Paid.

The address on this label, which was for a broker that handles their cross-border shipment, seemed to be somewhat different from the one stated on the company’s website, according to the investigation. It was the same day, October 31 that I sent an email inquiring as to whether the address was valid and if they needed a traceable delivery method for Hammacher Schlemmer Returns. There was no response.

A Few Days Later,

I emailed them with the identical query through their website. There was no response. I mailed the item using the label that was given and with a signature required upon receipt. I then contacted again on November 8th, expressing my dissatisfaction with the lack of response and inquiring as to how long I could anticipate it to take for my refund to be processed. They said that it will take 7-10 business days.

On November 10th,

I got a delivery confirmation from Canada Post, which I viewed online only to discover that someone had scribbled “refused to sign” in the signature area of the confirmation document. In an email to the company on November 12th, I requested confirmation that my Hammacher Schlemmer Returns was being handled.

I also sent the complete prior chain of emails, to which they responded positively to. My order number (which had been given in the prior email) was requested, and I got a response indicating that “they were unable to find my purchase using the information supplied.” The order number and other information had already been included in the previous email, but I had cut-and-pasted it at the top of the new email to make it more convenient for the customer. There was no response.

I Called And Spoke With Someone At Their 1-800 Line,

Who said that they “must-have” received it even though it was not in their system? I inquired as to whether they would be willing to Hammacher Schlemmer Returns the fee I had paid for requesting a signature because I had written to them before sending the package, inquiring about their shipping preferences and that their broker refusing to sign was ludicrous because it was a method of ensuring that the package could be tracked. She replied that they would not be able to begin processing a Hammacher Schlemmer Returns until the item was re-entered into the system, but she would “make a note of it in my file.”

It Was On November 18th That I Responded Again,

Citing the prior emails and summarizing all that had happened, and asking for a Hammacher Schlemmer Returns of the signature fee as well as proof that they had received the item. There was no response.

Have any EECB contact information for Hammacher Schlemmer Promo Code available to you? I understand that I will have to forfeit all of the significant shipping expenses (2/3 the cost of the original item) for having this shipped in the first place and that this is a risk I am willing to take when purchasing from this kind of establishment.

It may seem excessive, but when your business is based on the sale of luxury goods, and when you have to pay such high shipping costs to use a broker who specializes in cross-border deliveries, is it unreasonable to expect to receive responses to inquiries or to have someone sign for a return package when a signature is required?

Tanya, it’s not unreasonable to have high expectations. When it comes to client pleasure and, perhaps, repeat business, this is the bare least that the corporation could do.


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