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Mobile Phones The Most Important Discovery of the 20th Century?

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Depending on the time you ask, the mobile phone is the biggest or worst device of the 20th century. Undoubtedly, the technology behind the mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions, and advances in technology are making the mobile phone an increasingly important device.

The world of mobile communication has changed. From the first call to one of the mobile phones in 1946 to the millions, often billions of calls we receive today, the mobile phone or mobile phone has forever changed the course of communication.

Normal life

Before the creation of the mobile 폰테크 people lived their daily lives with constant questions – even though they did not know it. When a friend or family member is on vacation, they ask if the trip was safe. When a toddler goes to college, parents ask if the car is made without any problems. It is doubtful whether people knew that they were always able to ask questions.

The mobile phone changed the whole test. Now mothers can call and find out if their children have arrived safely at their destination. Men can tell their wives when they are late.

If she had not thought who she was,

 She would remember to tell them something before she left the office or the phone at home. Perhaps that is why the loan officer called for the children to be picked up or taken to the bank. Whatever the reason, before he can find a cell phone, he has to wait to see it, and then send it back to ask a question.

It’s easier to make long distance connections with mobile phones than ever before. In general, the cost of long distance calls via mobile phones is much lower than using landlines. Most cell phone plans are free.


Access to mobile emergency services has changed. Traffic accidents often involve several people and help can be sent to the scene faster than ever before. The person will no longer be separated from a power outage or an unauthorized attacker who charges for telephone lines, which have a cell phone to call.

The mobile service is responsible for saving more people than expected. If you try to count it, millions of people should turn to it for help wherever you are. Doctors can now stay in touch with their secretary at any time and get more of them in an emergency.

Mobile phones are now a major tool in search and rescue operations. A mobile phone owner has a very high chance of getting lost. The navigation and GPS devices that are part of most modern mobile phones can be used to geographically locate your mobile phone. There are many situations where climbers into the jungle have only been found because of their mobile phones.

Law enforcement

With the same navigation / GPS technology that makes it easier to find missing people, law enforcement agencies find it easier to find refugees or missing children. Criminals often forget that mobile phones are accessible. They leave an invisible print that police and others can follow. These fingerprints are also important in a lawsuit, in the form of ping pong messages sent from their phones to communication towers.

As well as detecting criminals, law enforcement is investigating crimes faster than ever before. A lazy citizen who does not want to be physically involved in a crime is often referred to as a police officer. This is a starting point for law enforcement to arrest criminals.

Mobile phones, including videos, can record the crime and show irrevocable evidence in court.

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