Speech Therapy: What You Need to Know

 Speech therapy is the treatment or process of the communication problem. When a person has a speech disorder, speech therapy is the best way to improve communication skills. It includes different techniques, such as language intervention activities, articulation therapy, etc.

When You Need Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is an effective approach that helps to improve communication skills. Speech disorder can be caused by stroke, brain, injury, or any type of illness. Once my cousin consulted a speech therapist in Karachi for her son’s speech disorder, where she learned that kids have speech disorder by birth, but it can be treated with speech therapy.

Let’s get into details about why you need speech therapy.

Fluency Disorder

When you have a fluency disorder, it will affect your speed, rhythm, and flow of speech. There are only two types of fluency disorders, including cluttering and stuttering. In the stuttering speech, a person experiences trouble in getting out sound and may have interrupted speech. In this condition, a person may repeat part of a word.

Cluttering makes the person speak very fast, and it often merges the word.

Receptive Disorder

The receptive disorder involves the condition in which a person has trouble understanding and processing what others say. It may give the other that you are not interested in what others are saying. There are many causes of the receptive disorder, including hearing loss, head injury, autism, language disorder, etc.

Articulation Disorder

In this condition, you are unable to sound different words properly. You will also experience a drop, distort, and swap. For example, you can say “forf” instead of “form”.

Resonance Disorder

When the blockage of airflow in the oral cavities alters the vibration which is responsible for voice quality, it forms a condition that is known as resonance disorder. This disorder is caused by different causes, such as cleft palate, swollen tonsils, and neurological disorders.

Cognitive-communication Disorder

It is a disorder that is caused by a brain injury. Such conditions result in problem-solving, difficulty speaking, memory issues, etc. there are different biological problems, including certain neurological conditions, a stroke, etc.


When your muscles weaken, which is responsible for speech, it develops a disorder that is known as Dysarthria. This condition forms when nervous system disorder and conditions result in facial paralysis.

How Long Do You Require Speech Therapy?

People often ask how much time is required for speech therapy. Experts say that speech recovery depends on the different factors, such as therapy frequency, underlying medical condition, age, the severity of the speech disorder, treatment, etc.

There are different ways to improve your speech therapy at home.

Speech Therapy for Adults

Speech therapy for adults is also counted on different factors. Experts say that speech therapy can be progressed with exercises, cognitive communication, and language.

Do you know what the speech therapy exercises are? Well, it includes the following practices:

  • Breathing exercises for resonance
  • Oral muscles strengthen exercises
  • Memory activity
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Conversational tactics

You can get help from many other resources, such as workbooks, speech therapy apps, and language development games, like flashcards.

Speech Therapy Tips

 Parents spend most of the time with kids. This fact makes it clear that parents should understand what practices should follow to improve speech therapy.

Let’s explore differently proven ways that parents should practice at home.

Practice: You should not avoid the fact that practice progresses speech recovery.

Encourage What Your Kid Does: When your child makes any effort, you should appreciate them.

Listen what They Say: It is crucial to understand what your child says. When you start focusing on your child, it will be easier to improve their speech problem.

Read: You should read a book or a story to your kid as it helps to make them pronounce words properly.

Avoid Noise During Learning Sessions: Your child cannot understand anything if there is any distraction during the learning session. Make sure that you choose a quiet environment for the learning session.

Final Thoughts

Speech therapy is treatable and needs frequent learning sessions. Parents should learn home tips for speech therapy as it may be more effective than any other technique.

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