Stonk O Tracker AMC: Best Online Trading Platform For AMC & GME

Have you ever heard of meme stock? Do you want to invest in meme stock? Do you want to know more about meme stock? You can invest in AMC or GameStop (GME) with a bit of information. Read the article till the end to go into the depth of meme stock, AMC, and GameStop.

What is Stonk O Tracker?

Stonk O Tracker is a website developed and managed by an unknown developing organization. They are very confidential, as they have shared no information regarding their identity. This website was developed to make life easier for those who want to invest in stock exchanges but do not feel pleasant and have experience.

So, they use Stonk O Tracker to track the difficulties of the market. Stonk is the random word for Stock and the tracker is to track its trade. If you are using Stonk O Tracker, then you do not have to worry, it will show all the changes in the meme stock. This was not developed by a single person, as it involves higher business techniques to predict the next moves. It tracks the data for AMC and GME as well.

Why do people use Stonk O Tracker?

There are a few reasons that people always suggest you use Stonk O Tracker. Whenever you ask someone about the investment of meme stock, most people would say to look none other than the Stonk O Tracker. 

The reason many people use or suggest Stonk O Tracker is to clarify all information. Stonk O Tracker will update you with various basic statistics, including the current New York Stock Exchange price, short sale restrictions threshold, trading volume, borrowed shares, and a lot of others.

If you have such information before investing in some market, then you would be noticeably confident, and your loss chances would be reduced. Although this is not 100% accurate. It is just an algorithm that makes changes according to past trading. But it still makes a difference. There are debates regarding the accuracy of Stonk O Tracker. But it is known that it is not completely accurate. There are chances of human errors as well.

What is the History of Stonk O Tracker?

Stonk O Tracker is only for two market traders. Because Stonk O Tracker only shows the records and trades of AMC and GME. It shows all the up-to-date information on AMC and GME.

AMC and GME are the most two internets searched stock markets. This is the reason developers think about it and work on their best model to bring modern trading to the next level.

Online trading is the full-time future of this world. All the trading and businesses are going to get handled by sitting home. There are few years that every system of learning or learning is going to be online. This has been started in the past few years as Robinhood, Wealth Simple, OctaFX, etc.

How did Meme Stocks start?

As I have mentioned just above, about online trading. A few years ago, smart apps were launched to trade while sitting at home due to COVID-19 pandemics. The businesses which were at a loss were now trading in billions while sitting at home. A year ago, online trading got more heated and bigger investors started to invest in Online trading. It was not easy earlier, but later, this looked good, and businesses were on the run again.

AMC and GME are online trading platforms. These two platforms were not so high until the investment of high-profile investors like Elon Musk. When Elon Musk started trading in AMC and GME, in a few months, AMC and GME became the top two online searched trading platforms. That is how Meme Stocks started in the past.

How to read Stonk O Tracker?

We have had basic knowledge up there, now it is time to read the Stonk O Tracker tracking area and reasons. First, you must know Stonk O Tracker is not for the average investor. You must invest a bigger amount to see results better. Tracking will not help the average investors, trading below $2,000. Even though it is difficult to understand the tracking reason.


If you want to invest, then you must know about the share prices in the nearby regions or the regions that matter the most in the market. NYSE is the New York Stock Exchange market, one of the biggest and most influential stocks on Earth. You must know the actual changes in the past times and volume to understand the change.


FRA is another Influential stock market, as it is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange market. FRA is the biggest stock market in Germany. 


SSR stands for Short Sale Restriction. This will predict the upcoming trading. If there is already a decrease in NYSE, then it will reduce the 10% of SSR. It will also help the investors to predict the changes in two days market. There will be a loss in the market the next day of profit.

Trading Volume

Trading Volume will show all the trading volumes for 30 minutes. 1 minute’s trading volumes are more focused on Trading Volume, but it will show you an overall of 30 minutes with small gaps. As you know, stock values change in seconds.

Borrowed Shares

It will show you the number of shares available in the market. You can view the number of shares available with the minimum gaps and analyze the changes in the market. The number is increasing which means short positions are decreasing, and if the number is decreasing then it means the short position is increasing.

Option Data

In this section, we will see all the Calls and Puts along with ITM (In the Money) or OTM (Out of The Money). A call is an agreement that will explain the ITM and OTM to the investor. If the prices change in the future apart from the set price of the agreement, then it will be ITM.


You can earn money via Stonk O Tracker. Stonk O Tracker was developed by an organization that is unknown to the World. But it will help you to track the most recent transactions of AMC and GME, the most searched online trading platforms. In this article, we have explained Stonk O Tracker briefly.