Suggestions to take into account when teaching sport in the school environment

But also observing its changes throughout history, Alexis Vazquez, explains that while in ancient times sport and other leisure activities were used to learn skills that could be useful in adulthood, today sport has as one of its fundamental goals to socialize the individual person, seeking integration and social adaptation and endow it with citizen and political qualities. Following Bugged (quoted in Alexis Vasquez Henrique, 1991, p. 23), physical education and sports must be understood as a component of social relationships among men, which help enrich human culture. Both physical education and sport “have evolved from being national phenomena to a universal cultural and social phenomenon, reflecting the economic, ideological, political, cultural, scientific and social objectives and the potential of rules and social states.

 On the other hand, Leopardi (cited in Alexis Vazquez Henrique, 1991, p. 25)

 clarifies the moral function of sport, understanding epl중계 as a school of civility and morality, which develops qualities such as “loyalty to the adversary, companionship, respect towards the rules, discipline, self-awareness and its reactions, understanding of a social environment and its difficulties, notions of hygiene, dietetics, life regimens and first aid, giving it, in turn, the possibility of facing organizational problems, allowing him to perform certain roles.”

  In modern society, sports and sports spectacles overwhelm the spectator

 And distance him from a reality that is hostile to him, such as a sedentary and increasingly intellectual job. The worker releases tension through physical activity, as a practitioner or as a spectator, in addition to resting, having fun and, in many cases, developing. Rest, fun and development then constitute three social functions of top-level sport. But on the other hand, effects that can become harmful are also highlighted, such as factors of competition, violence,   alienation, aggravation of social tensions and conflicts, and international disunity (Alexis Vazquez, 1991), since sport it has also been used as a political instrument since many regimes.

Bohemia Svoboda and Groan Parkinson (1996) highlight different aspects in relation to the current importance of sport and its relationship with the responsibility of the State:

  • Sport is no longer just a school or recreational activity, but a profession. And it is also a show that attracts large masses and occupies an important place in the media.
  • It has become a mass phenomenon. No differences in age, sex or social group.
  • There are new motivations: self-improvement, recreation, physical improvement, love of risk, aesthetic refinement, desire for integration, human contact, etc.
  • Conceptions have also increased: self-expression, professionalism, fun.
  • In sports organization, in addition to the state and associations, a multitude of different companies and organizers have appeared, or it is practiced informally.


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