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Types Of Claims Concerning Product Liability

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Most people are unaware of the implications of product liability. It can pose threats of danger to the life of an individual. Suppose some loss has occurred as a result of a defective product which is detrimental in its design, the procedure of manufacture, or failure in cautioning the customers of the involved risks. In that case, one can file a compensation claim against the product manufacturer. Common losses and health hazards that have been caused due to defective products include soft tissue injuries, lost income, traumatic brain injuries, expensive medical bills, broken bones, among many more. However, compensating for the loss due to a third party’s negligence seems quite unfair. Therefore one must seek assistance from Lance D. Youd Personal Injury Law attorney, to ensure that one’s financial losses are covered.

But before seeking assistance from an attorney, one must be aware of all the types of product liability claims to determine the type of claim that can move forward with legally. Below are all three types of product liability claims:

Product Liability Claims Concerning Design Defects: 

The basis of such claims is a design defect. In such cases, the product emerges defective in its design and not because of a certain manufacturing error. An instance of a design defect would be a car being manufactured top-heavy, which makes it vulnerable towards the risk of a rollover accident on the road, leading to devastating injuries. 

Product Liability Claims As A Result Of Defect During Manufacture:

This can be considered the most frequent cause of claims concerning product liability. Such lawsuits claim that there has been no problem with the original design of the product, which was entirely safe. But the problem occurred during the process of manufacturing that made the product completely unsafe for the consumers. However, it can only be considered a manufacturing defect if the shaping of the construction of the product doesn’t offer any conformity with the intended design. 

Product Liability Claims Concerning Product Labelling Defects:

The throes type of product liability claim might encompass a labelling or warning defect. Suppose a victim proves that the product involved some built-in danger and has not been properly labelled on the product under the warning section. In that case, the victim can claim compensation against any losses that have been incurred as a result of the ignorance of the company.

Final Thoughts:

To ensure the utmost compensation in product liability claims, one must consider consulting a personal injury attorney who would offer the victim all the available legal options and guidance throughout the procedure.

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