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Why Going Solar is the Best Power Move Townsville Homeowners Can Me

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The way humans have treated the environment has resulted in massive depletion of fossil fuels. The dwindling state of the environment is apparent to all, and is under a microscope more than ever before. Every person is paying more attention to the number of fossil fuels they use and the carbon footprint they leave behind. Therefore, it is easy to see why solar power is becoming more popular in Australian cities and residences. One step towards a positive change to a better world is switching to solar power in Townsville. There are over 100,325 private households in Townsville, home to 196,800 residents. Those enthusiastic to go solar can do so easily by consulting green technology solution providers in their area.

Why Is Solar Power Beneficial for Homes?

Reduce Energy Bills

Using solar power as the primary energy source can save the average energy bill for every household if they commit to the process. Generating their electricity using solar panels makes them less dependent on power grids and utility suppliers. According to Damien Moyse, a research manager at a sustainable advocacy group, an average-sized solar PV system can save a household from $1,000 to $15,000 a year in their electric bills depending on use. Houses with small scale renewable energy systems like solar panels can also receive benefits under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) which reduces the purchase cost.

Flexible and Efficient Energy Source

The advantage of solar energy is that as long as there is sunshine, one can produce electricity independently. It is especially beneficial in an area like Townsville, which has a tropical climate and has an average of 9 hours of sunshine every day. It is helpful to have this exposure and flexibility to solar power that one can expand to the entirety of their house and other cabins on the property.

No Electricity Loss

About 5% of electricity gets lost during transportation and distribution through the power grid that consumers must pay for. By installing solar power in Townsville homes, residents can avoid losses and need not bear the additional expenditure.

Lesser Blackouts and More Control

By using solar power generated in their homes, residents need not succumb to blackouts and fluctuations in the power grids and enjoy their time at home seamlessly.

Residents Can Step Towards Going Green

By installing solar panels in homes, residents of Townsville automatically become a part of the renewable energy movement. They can feel satisfied with their small contribution towards helping the environment and preventing its damage.

Easy Maintenance

Once the trusted green energy solution experts install solar panels in homes, they require relatively nil maintenance as it is easy and hassle-free. When the weather conditions and the workings of the solar panel are in perfect order, they may only require professional cleaning once or twice a year.

Types of Solar Energy Sources Available For Homes

Before switching the primary power source to solar, residents must research and consult with the experts regarding the best choice of panels that would be appropriate for their homes. Some options popular in the Townsville area include:


Amorphous panels are the best solar panel options for smaller homes. It involves placing multiple layers of thin solar films around the house to boost energy efficiency.

Thin Film

Thin-film panels are the best options for those on a strict budget as they are cost-efficient.

Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline

Mono and polycrystalline solar panels are the most efficient choices for solar power due to their high silicon purity and are the most environmentally friendly.

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