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Only Essentials You Need for an Effortless Manicure Session

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Truly our hands speak a lot about us that elevate one’s personality, especially that of women. In the name of self-love, women often choose to pamper themselves with at-home manicure and pedicure sessions but are often clueless about the right way to use at-home manicure tools to get salon-like nails. As we head toward accepting more DIY beauty trends, it’s nice to have go-to-manicure tools handy for perfecting nails at home without paying recurring salon bills.

To keep up with the regular grooming and beauty routine, you need the right tools and should know about the right technique to get through Instagram-worthy freshly manicured nails. Just like other body parts, our hands deserve the same undivided attention that gives the hands a vibrant glow, crisp and neat look. A manicure routine at home can be made fun and easygoing that will give you a professional manicure at home. This blog is a well-curated guide with all the manicure essentials that deserve to be part of every woman’s grooming routine. 

Beauty Essentials for DIY Manicure At Home

Nail Paint Remover 

Before you sit down to do your nails, it is important to gather all the necessary beauty products that you need. The first thing that you need to begin with a manicure session is nail polish remover. To get the feeling of a fresh manicure right, we need the right nail paint remover for the proper cleansing of the nail bed to get rid of the excess oil, sweat and chipped nail paint before you apply a fresh coat on the well-filed nails. This goes without saying to begin the procedure of manicure with clean nails and for that dip a cotton ball in an acetone-free nail polish remover and gently swipe to wipe off the previous nail color. Chemical-free nail polish remover liquid will not only provide clean nails but also strengthen and nourish the cuticles.

Nail Filer 

To get well-shaped and smooth nails, the next step involves filing the nails using a Nail Filer for manicure. And to get neatly done manicured hands that look presentable, you need to prepare them before you start filing. Soak your hands in lukewarm water mixed with some essential oil or salt. This trick will make the skin soft and provide an easy and smooth filing process. While using the nail filer, be gentle with the nails and avoid filing in back and forth motion. Just smoothen and even the rough edges of the nails left behind after using a nail clipping tool or due to brittle and chapped nails. 

Cuticle Pusher 

Beautifully manicured nails go beyond the basic trimming and filing routine. Cuticles; the skin beneath the nails is delicate and needs equal attention that determines healthy nail growth. And thus to maintain the nails, one also needs to have cuticle care tools like cuticle nipper to trim the overgrown skin without tearing or causing any pain. When it comes to nail care, cuticle is the overgrown skin that develops along with the nails and to trim that rough skin, cuticle nippers are a must-have in the manicure tool set. 

Base Coat and Nail Paint 

Now that you are done with buffing, trimming, and filing, give your newly shaped nails a treat of shiny base coat that acts as a protective sheath to protect the nail color and avoids chipping. Your clean, well filed and shaped nails are ready to be colored and for that, prepping is important to adhere the nail paint for a long-lasting phase. Gently coat the bare nails with the transparent nail color as a protective base and protects the nails from staining, chipping and gives extra days of wear without any need for touch-ups. Not just that, it also gives additional shine and a glossy finish to the nail color. Once the base coat is dry, apply a thin coat of nail paint on top of it. To finish off the entire manicure session, sealing the nails with the base coat and nail paint is important. For extra protection and finish, you can also include a top coat in the list of manicure must-haves. 

Sounds super easy right? Simply gather all the following essentials and enjoy the experience of hassle-free manicure treatment at home! 

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