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What Is PRINCE2 and Why Is It Important?

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What Is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2, associate degree form for comes IN Controlled Environments, is one in every of the foremost wide used project management methodologies within the world these days. This well-structured methodology makes it easier to manage the complete work method. Originally developed by the united kingdom government in 1989 for its info technology comes, it had been free as a technique for non-governmental comes in 1996. AXELOS Ltd. presently has possession of PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Certification helps project managers divide, so every stage is a lot manageable and governable, despite the kind and scale of the project. It’s quite versatile and may be tailored consistent with your specific necessities. With the assistance of PRINCE2, you’ll be able to completely set up your project before you start engaging in it. Each stage of the method is structured from beginning to complete. It additionally permits you to traffic jam any loose ends once you’ve finished the project. 

Seven Principles of PRINCE2

There square measure seven principles of PRINCE2 methodology that support its worth and focus:

Every project should have a business justification. This implies that the project should have some worth for patrons, which can lead to a decent come on investment. It ought to lay out a correct value assessment and sensible edges.

The team ought to learn lessons from each stage of the method and record them to use for up future project work by Sprintzeal.

All roles and responsibilities ought to be outlined clearly. Everybody on the team ought to apprehend their place within the project and even be attentive to what their teammates do. 

The work should be planned piecemeal, with the project divided into individual phases. Also, you want to have periodic reviews to assist learn lessons for future use, track the work’s progress, and confirm deadlines and milestones square measure being met. 

The project board has the authority to manage by exception. Board members don’t seem to be typically concerned within the actual work of a project; they establish the baseline necessities like time, cost, and risk. Instead, work is delegated to the project manager, who successively oversees the project. Problems could arise that have an effect on the established necessities, within which case the board members have the authority to intervene and manage the project and as they see match. 

The team should ceaselessly be centered on quality throughout the project to realize the most effective results. A high-quality register is employed to ascertain deliverables against necessities. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The PRINCE2 methodology should be adjusted to suit the wants of each individual project. This implies that the scale of the team, the design, and different factors could also be totally different.

Roles outlined underneath PRINCE2 Methodology.

PRINCE2 defines seven roles for any team engaged in a project. The outlined roles make sure that all necessities square measure met and, therefore, the work goes as planned. 

The 3 principal roles are:

Project board 

Project manager

Project team

However, it’s crucial to additionally outline the supplemental roles to ascertain a correct structure. The seven roles are:


This is the one that is going to be paying you for the project.


Sometimes, the client and user square measure constant. However, a lot of precise definition of the user is that the World Health Organization i.e. WHO} are going to be victimization the project deliverables or somebody who are going to be wedged by the top results of the project.


A provider offers its experience to finish the project with success.

Project Manager

They are accountable for designing and organizing. They manage the work being done on the project and manage the team that’s engaged in it. They need to make sure that the work is completed well, and therefore the project is completed with success.

Project Team

They are accountable for the particular work or tasks being done on the project. 

Team Manager

The team manager oversees the work of the team and is answerable to the project manager.


This person sets up conferences, updates everybody engaged on the project, and tracks documentation. These responsibilities square measure obsessed by the project manager once the project is little; however, larger-scale comes to need this to be a separate role.

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