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WPC2026: Earn Money by Cockfighting (Tutorial & Guide)

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WPC2026 is a platform to watch and place bets on cockfighting or roaster fighting. It is not only about competing in the tournament. You can place bets, take parts, or watch bloodshed games. Two different players fight with each other’s roasters. People place bets on the game and the winning person gets the amount in their bank deposit. It is a public game; everyone can take part and win the matches. In the meantime, others can watch and place bets on earning money.

What is WPC2026?

WPC stands for the World Pitman Cup. WPC2026 is a platform to watch, place bets, or take part in a Cockfighting competition. People around the World gather here, and some of them take part and fight with other roasters. Some of them place bets on the winning roaster to earn money. And some only watch cockfighting games.

If you want to take part in WPC2026, you will register yourself on the official WPC2026 by submitting the form. Once you are registered, then you are ready to take part in competitions, place bets, or watch games. Cockfighting is considered one of the best ways of earning money in the Philippines.

Why should you use WPC2026?

You must use WPC2026 if you want to earn quick money. In this modern era, life is running fast, and everyone wants to earn more in less time. WPC2026 is a platform that can help you to get more money in less time. How much you will earn depends upon you. If you place a bet on a winning roaster, then you will get the promised amount of cast. You will lose the money in case of opponents win. 

Taking Part in Games

WPC2026 is also a platform for taking part in games. When fighters want to make a cockfight, then they will come to the WPC2026. The tournament will be launched by a WPC official. People will apply for the competition. WPC2026 will arrange a time and place for the cockfight. You must take your roaster to the competition at the given time. The winning roaster will get rewards and cash.

Placing Bets to Earn Money

Most people and businesspeople use WPC2026 to earn more money by placing bets on the winning roaster. It is quite simple that you must place bets on one of the two roasters. All the bets on winning roasters will bet cash with promised increase. You will lose money if your roaster loses the match. So, how much you will earn depends upon you and the roaster.

Free Watch

A lot of people love to watch bloodshed games. No bloodshed games are allowed in any country. So, they make animal blood-shedding games. People love to watch and enjoy bloodshed games. So, they try to watch cockfighting and WPC2026 is the best place.

How to earn from WPC2026?

There are two ways to earn WPC2026. You can earn money by taking part in the WPC2026 or placing bets on the winning roaster during the match. You must pay some amount of money to take part once you get entered into the tournament. Now you must make sure that your roaster wins. Winning games will make you earn. If you win a tournament at the end, then you will receive a special reward.

The second and most trusted way of earning money is by placing bets. You do not have to take a risk with your roaster and efforts. You just must trust other roasters and place bets on the winning roaster. If your roaster wins, then you will get a certain amount of cash. But if your roaster is lost, then all your cash will be lost.

How to Register for WPC2026?

If you want to use any features of WPC2026, then you must register yourself first. You cannot even watch the cockfight before registration of WPC2026. You must follow the following steps to register your account:

  • Get internet access and visit the official WPC2026 website
  • Click on the Contact Us below the Sign In button on WPC2026
  • You will get a registration form provided by the WPC2026 official, fill out the form such as First Name, Last Name, username, password, Date of Birth, Facebook account, occupation, etc.
  • Accept the Terms and Policies of WPC2026
  • Now verify your account to get registered to take part, place bets, or watch a cockfighting tournament.

How to Log in to WPC2026?

Once you have registered, now you are ready to log in to WPC2026. Follow the instructions given to log in to WPC2026:

  • Visit the official WPC2026 website
  • Enter your username and password to log in to WPC2026
  • Enter the login button and you will be moved to the WPC2026 dashboard
  • You can place bets, take competitions, or watch cockfighting games easily. You will see all the live matches going on in the tournament. You can place bets via WPC2026 while sitting at home.

Is registration necessary to watch or place bets on WPC2026?

Yes, Registration is necessary to watch, place bets, or take part in Cockfighting. You cannot even watch the matches without registration. Because WPC2026 is age restricted. Your age must be above 21 years, then you are legal to watch, place bets, or take part in WPC2026. So, your age can only be verified with your account registration.

Is WPC2026 safe?

Yes, WPC2026 is a safe platform to watch and earn money through such games. You can place bets with closed eyes as WPC2026 has been working for years and created its name. Nobody will say WPC2026 is a fraud or scam. It is a trusted place for a lot of businesspeople to earn money.

Which payment methods are available for WPC2026?

WPC2026 has a lot of options to increase the viewpoint. It has different payment methods, so everyone in the world can take part to earn or watch. The following are the payment methods available at WPC2026:

  • GCash
  • PayPal
  • PayMaya

Is the WPC2026 Mobile Application available?

Yes, the WPC2026 mobile application is available for both android and apple devices. These two mobile applications are casual to install on any mobile device.


WPC2026 is a platform to place bets, take part, or watch cockfighting matches. It is a source of income for a lot of people, and some use it for happiness and satisfaction. You can earn money directly by taking part with your roaster or by placing bets on fighting roasters. You must register yourself first to use WPC2026.

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