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Top Features – Centricity EMR VS Valant EMR!

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Centricity vs. Valant:

Centricity EMR software is GE Healthcare’s most popular EMR product, suitable for both small and large practices. This standalone ambulatory system can be integrated with any revenue cycle management and practice management solution on the market. Suppliers can enhance their execution and efficiency with this software. Centricity EHR software offers healthcare workers a variety of comprehensive options that can help them improve their efficiency. Centricity electronic health records are used by many clinics and hospitals around the world. A lot of Centricity EHR reviews talk about the following features.

Valant is a cloud-based comprehensive EHR system suite that helps behavioral healthcare professionals, agencies, and clinicians manage their administrative operations. Individual and group consultation scheduling, care plans, medication management, patient communication, billing, and reporting are all included in the software. Based on the information collected, implementable insights and summaries are also generated. Users can extract, report, and visualize data in real-time, thanks to the product’s flexible and scalable data model.

Top Features of Centricity EMR:

Health Analytics:

It’s essentially a more sophisticated version of a population health service. With its pro-grade care analytics software, Centricity EMR reviews demonstrate that the supplier has advanced in the play of population health. It’s simpler to monitor client health patterns and the latest virus epidemics in the general population with this useful tool. Furthermore, practices can use this service to identify their client patterns and compare them to those of other care organizations. As a result, clinical productivity is improved.

The analytics tool collects data from reputable sources before performing tests on it. Clinicians can use this information to conduct the necessary tests in order to improve client care outcomes. It’s a significant means of generating useful and impactful information. The extensive data gathered aids in the accurate diagnosis of the patient.

Integrated RCM Solution:

This is another feature that is jam-packed, such as patient engagement. Centricity EMR’s RCM service is demonstrated in great detail. If you plan a Centricity EHR demo, you’ll learn that it also handles bill management, claims to process, and financial analytics. This dependable vendor’s RCM solution comes into play to enhance the practice’s financial bottom line by maximizing revenue generation. Medical costs functionality is included for accurate bill and claim processing.

Because the RCM component is completely integrated with the EHR system, it eliminates the need for re-data entry. It works by sharing bills on patient portals and keeping track of overpayments to speed up the payment clearance process. Squeaky claims are filtered out by the software. When it comes to claims, the software filters out the squeaky ones and submits the ones that are solid, increasing the claims acceptance rate. Finally, a financial reporting tool allows you to create detailed performance reports.

Clinical Documentation:

Medical records and associated documents are critical components of operating a healthcare practice, and they must be carefully maintained. The documentation feature was created to make it easier to fill out charts and forms.

You can also use voice recognition and dictation characteristics to convert your notes to text. This is perfect for doctors who are always on the move but don’t have time to spend in front of a computer. This feature is included in the structure to make it easier for doctors and clinical workers to keep their files up to date. It more than makes up for the money you’ll have to put in


Valant EMR Features:

Online Payment:

With Valant EMR is integrated solution, you can reduce payment processing time from almost 4 minutes per payment with a separate credit card processing system to just thirty seconds per payment. Because data is stored in a single system, the number of places where information inaccuracies can occur is reduced. When making a payment or recording it, data is entered only once, reducing the chance of typos and errors. When data is entered, it is immediately encrypted and stored on a safe server, making it less vulnerable to fraud or data breaches.

Patients can make payments and check account balances digitally, as well as see when payments have been applied and save their encrypted credit card information for future payments. There are no hidden fees, set-up fees, or cancellation fees when you use Valant’s integrated credit card processing. With our transparent pricing, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, which includes extras like 24/7 merchant support, PCI compliance support, digital reporting and remarks, and financial coverage in the event of a data breach. 

Patient communication management:

When you’re dialing patients one by one, getting them to show up for consultations and upgrade their data can take up hours of your organizational time each week. Your practice can now send automated messages thanks to our new features. There will be no more monotonous hours spent checking documents and answering the phone; instead, your team will be able to focus on more important tasks. It pays to automate your communications.

The average cost of a three-minute telephone conversation with a patient is $1.15. If your office calls 20 patients per day, you’ll spend 20 hours and nearly $500 in a month interacting with patients one by one. When you digitize those texts, you can save more than 93 percent on administrative costs and give your employees more time to focus on what they do best.

Electronic Labs:

By enabling you to operate lab orders straight from your medical notes, the Valant EMR eLab system streamlines your process. Simply fill out the order form, including any background or demographic data about your patient, and submit it to the lab of your selection. When the results are ready, you’ll be notified automatically, and you’ll be able to easily publish them into the patient’s chart. It’s straightforward for both you and your clients. Valant EMR software runs with the two most famous lab networks, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, and Valant can work with other lab channels on a case-by-case basis.

Final Thoughts!

Valant EMR and Centricity EHR are two great software solutions. To know more details like valant EMR cost, you can request a Valant EHR demo or simply request the vendor for Valant pricing. Similarly, for details about Centricity EMR, you can get in touch with the vendor!

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