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What does the industry and community offer?

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What is real support?

There is no legal definition of “good cooperation”, but the principles set by OJK or Financial Services are clear. The values ​​are:

1. Business oppression should benefit their co-workers and the profits they derive from their participation in the business.

2. All members shall be permitted to conduct public audits. Everyone has the right to choose in trading.

3. Curiosity should not exceed the level required to manage and acquire the resources necessary to manage the community and achieve its goals.

4. Earnings are allowed for colleagues who can engage in public affairs.

5. No one shall be arbitrarily disturbed by privacy, family, home, or correspondence, or attacks on his honor and reputation.

The goal is to ensure that the real interests of community members depend on something other than the money invested in the community.

How do you determine whether a community is working for the common good

Indicates local “public interest”:

1. Work is for society, not society.

2. Common law does not allow members to receive money or property. The money is reinvested in the stock market.

3. This group has the specific purpose of registering as a business and public ownership, not as a company.

4. After the property is released, they transfer it to another company with the same interest instead of becoming a part of it.

Examples of industries and communities that offer are affiliate vendors, clubs, and local teams.

The UK’s leading business community:

1. FC United of Manchester:

Participants in the Northern Premier League are English nba중계 clubs with half a team from Beria, Manchester. Founded in 2005 with the backing of Manchester United, controversial businessman Malcolm Glazer was able to take over the club.

Support the Assembly which has the right to vote on how the Assembly works. You can become a partner by investing nke 12 a year in your company. Everyone in the club, regardless of size, has the right to choose the organization.

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